Category: Food

Food Menu

Tidbits & Pupus Island Tidbits        105 The Trader’s original pupu platter sampling crab rangoon, crispy prawns, cheese balls, chicken wings Crispy Prawns         80 Marinated & breaded in Japanese bread crumbs Jalapeno Cheese Balls        65 Cheddar & Emmental cheeses, fresh coriander Jalapeno, golden fried   Beef Cho… Read more »

Dessert Menu

Banana Wonton       45  Caramelised banana, wonton, vanilla Chantilly cream, chocolate sauce, fresh berries Chocolate Macadamia Nut Tart      52  White chocolate, macadamia, vanilla pod ice cream, caramel sauce Yuzu Lemon Cheesecake   48  Vanilla flavor cream cheese cake, strawberry sauce Tropical Fruits on ice       65  Served on ice Ice Cream   … Read more »

Kid’s Menu

Kid’s Menu Grilled Chicken Breast      61 Served with vegetables, French fries or mashed potato Char-grilled Mini Beef Burger     58 Cheddar cheese served with French fries, vegetable sticks Crumbed Chicken Goujons      45 Served with French fries Shrimp Lollipops      58 Deep-fried served with French fries Chicken Penne      42… Read more »