Food Menu

Tidbits & Pupus

Island Tidbits        105

The Trader’s original pupu platter sampling crab rangoon, crispy prawns, cheese balls, chicken wings

Crispy Prawns         80

Marinated & breaded in Japanese bread crumbs

Jalapeno Cheese Balls        65

Cheddar & Emmental cheeses, fresh coriander Jalapeno, golden fried


Beef Cho Cho        75

Marinated beef skewers, sweet soy glaze. Finished at the table over a lamming hibachi


Tom Yam Kum        68

Thai seafood soup, lemongrass, Kaffir lime broth


Trader Vic’s Salad        70

Mixed salad, artichokes, palm hearts, endive Javanese dressing

Chinese Chicken Salad (N)        65

Roasted chicken, romaine lettuce, red cabbage, roasted peanuts, mustard dressing


Grilled Scallops        85

Sweet chili sauce, lemongrass, Coriander leaves

Prawns Ala Plancha       98

Grilled prawns , garlic-coriander butter sauce

Dim Sum        75

Basket of steamed mixed Chinese dumplings shrimp & chicken, shrimp & water chestnut, Hoisin sesame sauce

Trader Vic’s Favourites

Five Spice Duck        165

Mu Shu pancakes, scallions, cucumber, Hoisin plum sauce

Seafood Parrillada (N)     229

Grilled salmon, seabass, scallop, shrimps, sauteed spinach, saffron butter sauce

New York Pepper Steak (A)       225

Roasted baby vegetables, poblano gratin potatoes, green peppercorn sauce

Chilean Seabass       165

Harissa sweet potatoes, sauteed mushrooms, lemon butter sauce

From the Wok

Kung Pao Chicken (N)        125

Vic’s signature sauce, onions, celery, mixed peppers, roasted cashews

Wok Fried Spiny Lobster Cantonese Style      195

Ginger, scallions, oyster sauce

Pad Thai        115

Stir-fried flat noodles, shrimps, vegetables, egg, toasted peanuts, fresh lime

Szechwan Prawns        155

Butterfly prawns, Asian vegetables, spicy Szechwan sauce

Mango chili Beef        165

Tenderloin, mango, peppers, red onions, mushrooms, sweet spicy garlic sauce

Singapore Noodles        105

Curry spiced rice noodles, chicken, shrimp, snow peas, peppers, onions, bean sprouts

From the Wok

Fiery Lamb Curry     125

Spicy Indian inspired curry, slow cooked lamb, steamed rice

Green Thai Curry        105

Green curry, eggplant, onions, steamed rice, and the your choice of the following

Chicken 110    .       Prawns   140      .      Seasonal vegetables     90

From the Wood Fired Oven

Indonesian Rack of Lamb (N)     235

Singapore noodles, grilled pineapple, peanut butter, mango chutney

BBQ Miso Chicken     145

Miso-marinated corn-fed chicken, Wasabi mash, Asian vegetables

Fiery Lamb Curry     165

Charred baby bok choy, coriander vinaigrette

Wood-Fired Beef   
500 g T Bone (A)    285

Truffle mash, broccolini Polynesian rum sauce

300 g Ribeye Steak (A)    235

Steakhouse fries, grilled asparagus, Dark pepperjack sauce

250 g Tenderloin Filet    225

Dauphinoise potatoes, sauteed green beans, wild mushroom jus